Visme Review

I was asked to do a review on Visme. An online presentation and infographic creator!

I will start by saying that, I enjoyed myself THOROUGHLY playing with this program!

I had never used t before and I didn't even watch any tutorial videos before i got started, save for the intro video on the website and, I think I made a pretty good presentation for my Business.

I'l let you see what I made, and then I'll get more into my experience as well as the pros and cons.

Click on the Link Below to See my presentation!

Now that you've flipped through that... I hope. (If you haven't... you had better go back and do that!!!!)

I'll get into more of the specifics.


-VERY easy to use

-No Coding or Design experience needed

-Lots of good features

-Several premade templates

-Premade Templates are easy to customize

-Large Library of shapes, lines and photos to choose from

-Animation and Effect Options

-Quick Loading preview

-Allows you to add interactivity, such as links that you can click on IN the presentation!

-You can also add videos and music to your presentation

-You can Add an animation to EVERYTHING

-There are a lot of free tutorial and instructional videos (I just didn't watch them)


-Changing the Text is a LITTLE tricky, but nothing major.

(the biggest problem I had was when i would change the font and size, then delete the words only for it to go back to its default setting. Like I said, nothing major)

-Very few animation options.

(Technically, they can fly in from any direction, top, bottom, left or right, or fade. No spinning or anything fancy. I may be the only one who likes those... who knows! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

Other than that, I had a lot of fun using it!

Super easy. Super Clean.

I would definitely recommend it.


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