Jazza's Artist Army Art Contest

Hello guys!

So, for the past several days, I have been working on an art project for an Art Competition!


Anyhoo, this competition is being hosted by Jazza!

If you don't know who that is, he's an AWESOME youtube Artist and you HAVE to check him out!

So, the theme for the Contest of Artist Army and here is what I spend hours and HOURS (Right around 13 hours) working on :D

This is the origional concept art. I really wanted 5 artists and a Dragon (I will ALWAYS want a dragon)

After getting my concept down, i just take my rough poses and use the 3D models that Clip Studio Paint provides to get them... correctly proportioned :D

And then i do the roughsketches...

And then, Many Many Many hours later... after coloring and shading and lighting and... CRYING... Here is the finished peice!

Not going to lie... I'm kind of proud of it!

So, the artists here are my top 5 Favorite Artists from Youtube.

There are MANY more but, I couldn't draw too many :D

So i just picked my favorite 5

starting with the Artist in the front center we have:

Jazza from Draw With Jazza


He is carrying a shining pencil sword and a Graphics Tablet Sheild

To his Left

Bailey Jae


She mostly uses Copic Markers so, she has a Copic Marker bow staff as a weapon

Next to the left

ZHC a.k.a Zach


Since his work is generally more traditional, I gave him a sketch book and pen, and you can see his faithful companion plushie, Turkey right beside him!

Now to Jazza's right

Rin (Drawing Wiff Waffles)


Waffles also uses copics, so she has two smaller markers on her back

Since she has never shorn her face, I've given her a full helmet with a waffle pattern on her armour

And then lastly

Ross (RossDraws)


He's dressed more in a wizard's garb instead of a soldier and he is weilding the power of Color Dodge!

And they have the backup of a huge, ferocious Oragami Dragon!

If you look closely you can see where it's supposed to look like folded paper... supposed to.

Anyways thank you for chacking out this post!

If you would like to watch the time lapse of this picture, just click the link below!

Make sure you check out all the Youtubers I mentioned above, and look up others and subscribe to their channels!!!

A Special Thank You to Jazza for Hosting this contest!

Laterz Everyone!

Time Lapse Link:



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