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A New Start

Hi Everyone!

Some of you may notice that my site looks a little... Different.

Well, I had some problems on my previous platform, so I had to switch!

So here we are with a fresh page. and a Fresh start! I think this might be a good thing!

Now, for a little update:

As many of you also know, I've gone through a couple of computers recently, lost some work, Yada yada.

BUT everything seems to be up, running and on track now!

So, starting THIS MONTH I am going to be putting everything i have into this!

I've got me a schedule worked out so, hopefully, I will be bringing a LOT more content to this site!

So stick around so you wont miss out on More!

More Pictures

More Stories

More Blog Posts

And more products to my Etsy store! (Yup I have one of those too!)

Now, I'm going to TRY and do a daily art piece. Possibly not HERE but on my other sites, on Deviantart and Paigeeworld. (I'll put Links below)

But I am going to try and add content to this site at least weekly. As well as story chapters, sneak peeks and Time Lapse drawings! So there's lots to come!!!

Thank you everyone for visiting and stick around!! You won't want to miss what's coming!







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