Okay, so (obviously) my big plans for March didn't exactly happen...

I suppose it helps that I was out of the state and out of wifi reach for a week :D

But I am BACK and I've got plans! Lots of plans!

Which I am going to lay out for you now so that you all can keep me accountable! (Do it! I need it! I am the world's #1 Procrastinator!)

So, in one of my previous blogs, I mentioned that i would be presenting more stories and more art...

So that's what I'm going to do!

Starting Today, there will be a new picture EVERYDAY! I'm going to start numbering them.... Maybe

They will be uploaded onto my Social Media Sites







I Don't think I'll do a Daily Pic here... just because that might get a little obnoxious. But I MIGHT do a post at the end of the week that contains ALL of the daily images for that week...

These Images will range from being just fun little drawing of My Little Ones, or they might be Character art... Who knows!

I will also be Writing Blog Posts (like this) Twice a week! On Monday and Thurdays!

The topics will vary from Product Reviews to spoilers and... maybe just a rant from time to time :D

Now... For the Stories!

I have a LOT of stories planned for the next year, so be READY!

I've got Dragons and Time Travel and... all sorts of fun! (and romance)

But I'll get more into that later :)

Until then!


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