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What if... Dragons were real?

That was one question that had never crossed Layla's mind.

Not until one crashed into her balcony, carrying a boy that she barely knew.

Not until one was placed into her care.

Not until she found herself standing face to face with a man who didn't care for the lives of the creatures and only wanted their skins to mount on his walls.

Not until she had to place her life in the hands of a boy who was almost a stranger

Damien passed her nearly everyday in the school hallways.

She was the prize of Eastcliff High.

He was the outcast

He was warned to stay away from her or suffer, which wasn't a problem... Until he crashed onto her balcony and she discovered one of Eastcliff's best kept secrets: Dragons.

Now, he's going to have to trust her with a knowledge that could be the fall of everything he loves,

and risk both of thier lives to face a man willing to do anything for the perfect kill... Even if it means hurting innocent people.

They only knew each other from school...

But now, they're going to have to work together to save their home and maybe even find the one thing they've been searching for...

Security. Friendship. Family... Love? 

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She was just trying to make a watch for the Science Fair...

But instead, she accidentally invented a time machine, and now she's stuck 5,611 years in the Future!

And not only that, she's being chased by a futuristic villain who wants her watch!

She'll have to team up with a strange boy and his sidekick robot if she's ever going to find her way home..

(A Time Traveling Sci-fi Short Story Series)

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