“Kid, you have got to stop staring into space like that. You'll end up losing gravity and floating away.”

“I'm just thinking.”

“About a gi-irl.”

“I just don't know why she did that.”

“Maybe she's not the spoiled rotten brat you thought she was?”

“I never said that!”

“You didn't have to.” Moritz suddenly sniffed the air, a deep scowl settling over his face. “Arbre.”

Damien frowned. “Arbre? Isn't that the name of the dragon that attacked us at-”

“Kid, put on your mask!” He quickly clambered up the boy's back. “We have to find Seaiga! Now! Before she does!”

“Nice to know the name of who we're looking for. Finally.”

“No time for sarcasm,” Moritz retorted as the shadows started to seep from his scales. “We've got a dragon to find!”


Layla gently ran her hand down the small dragon's back. “I wish you would wake up.” She stilled for a moment. “At least I think I do. That boy's dragon seemed nice. Maybe you're a nice dragon too.” She let out a huff. “I'm sitting here, talking to a mythical creature who can't even hear me... let alone respond.” She rubbed her forehead. “Oi. What is my life coming to?”

“Miss Layla! Miss Layla!”

She started at the sudden, frantic knocking on her door as her name was shouted several times repeatedly. “Miss Layla, are you in there!?”

She jumped to her feet, carefully slid the dragon under her bed, and ran to the door.

On the other side stood a wide eyed Mary. “What's wrong?”

“I don't know!” The woman answered. “B-but something is happening outside! The baby sitter couldn't make it today and my children are home alone and-”

“Go.” She gave the maid a small push.

“Are you sure?” Mary asked quietly.

Layla smiled gently and grabbed her hands. “Yes. Go to your children. Just be very careful, please.”

“Oh, thank you miss!” Mary grabbed the girl into a hug before turning and running down the stairs.

Layla pushed the door closed and looked towards the window. “What is going on?”

She hurriedly crossed the room and peered out the window. Everything seemed normal... except for the giant thorns that were littering the streets, having skewered cars and street lamps.

Oh, Mary... be careful!

Just then, a vaguely familiar sound reached her ears, and her mind instantly flashed back to her first run in with the dragon boy, Laden.

But, it was too dark to see anything. But the screeching sounds were getting louder. She jumped back as a large vine suddenly slapped her window, cracking the glass. Then she saw them.

Laden swooshed past her window, followed closely behind by another man being held by a green dragon. She was about to move closer to get a better look, when the large tree beside her window started to shake, and the next thing she knew, it was tearing from the ground and flying through the air, straight towards the boy and his dragon.


Mortiz yanked back as a large vine snapped passed them, clipping the end of his tail, an angry grunt crawling up his throat.

“Moritz! We've got to get them out of town before they hurt someone!” Damien shouted over his shoulder.

But the dragon ignored him, and instead continued his rush forward.

“Moritz! Someone is going to get hurt!” He pushed his shoulders back, forcing Moritz to come to a stop. “We can't find Seaiga right now! And if they're busy chasing us, they won't find her either!” He turned his head to look back at his companion. “Moritz, we need to get them away from the people.”

For a moment, he thought Moritz wouldn't listen, but after several seconds, the stubborn glint in his green eyes faded, and his ears laid back in defeat.

“We'll find her, I promise. But right now we have to-”

“Watch out!” He didn't know where the shout came from, or who called it... but it came just a little too late.

Moritz had barely managed to whip them around, before they were suddenly knocked out of the sky by a massive tree. They crashed to the ground with a vicious crack, Moritz having twisted around to take the brunt of the fall mere seconds before the hit.

Laden felt every ounce of air in his lungs get forced from his body as they hit the hard cement, then were covered by large heavy branches from the tree.


Layla stared out the window, her heart in her throat. She hadn't been quick enough! Hadn't yelled the warning in enough time for them to dodge! And now, they had disappeared from sight, covered by the large tree that had once stood by her house.

I was too late! I need to do... what can I do!? I can't do anything!


She froze at the small voice that came from behind her.


She spun around to see the small, golden dragon, pushing to its feet and trying to get out of the box.

“You... you speak?”

Big blue eyes blinked up at her, filled with fear... and determination. “I... I need to... get to Moritz...”

“Moritz?” Layla glanced towards the window. “He's the black dragon, right?” When she received a nod, she crossed the room and gently picked up the dragon, sitting her on the bed. “Who are you?”

“Seaiga.” The small dragon stretched and shook herself, flexing her wings out. “I need to get to Moritz.”

“But you're hurt! Aren't you?”

“I'm a lot better now, thank you.” Seaiga smiled ever so slightly. “But Moritz needs me. He didn't give up on me... I can't give up on him! But... I need your help.”

Layla frowned. “What can I do?”

“Put on a mask and hang on for the ride.”

“Ride?” She stared at the tiny creature who could easily be sitting in her palms. “You can't carry me.”

Seaiga simply grinned, a large spark of electricity shooting between her horns. “Oh... I wouldn't count on it.” ~*~*~*~*~

Laden's eyes slowly opened and blurry images swam into view. What happened?

Then it all came rushing back... Arbre, the chase, the argument... the tree.

“Moritz!” He tried to sit up, but found that he was unable, do to a large branch laying across his chest. “Moritz! Where are you?”

He strained his neck neck around, until he finally caught site of the dragon laying several feet away, completely motionless.

“Oh no... Moritz!”

Just then, the tree suddenly flew away, crashing into and destroying a row of cars that was nearby.

Before he could move, two large feet suddenly landed on top of him, its long claws curling around his shoulders, effectively trapping him to the ground.

Hot air rushed across his face as a large, green head lowered towards him, a deep growl rumbling from its throat. He could only stare at the massive creature, confusion and fear battling for control.

How did she get so big? She was not this big a few minutes ago!

He turned his attention to the man who came walked up to them, his hands clapping slowly.

“Well done, boy, and thank you.” He sat down on his heels. “You hand delivered the shadow dragon right to us. Now... where is the other one?”

Laden gritted his teeth, glaring up at the man. “Like I would ever tell you!”

“You might want to reconsider that. You see, Arbre here isn't really stepping on you. But one move...” Norden smacked his hands together. “And you're no better than a bug.”

“Then do it,” He retorted hotly. “Then you'll never learn anything!”

“Then I guess we'll just have to take you back with us. Let the boss handle you.” Norden stood back up and turned towards the unconscious dragon that was still laying several feet away. “Let me just gather up the prize.”

Damein struggled against the feet that held him down, pushing frantically at the claws, to no avail. “No! Leave him alone! Moritz!”

The air suddenly seemed to shift and static crackled through the air. A light, high pitched sound filled the silence, and the next instant, a large bolt of electricity surged through the air, striking Arbre in the chest, pushing her back. Laden quickly rolled out of the way as the dragon's heavy feet smashed back into the ground, sending debris flying in all directions. Another shot came from, seemingly nowhere, striking Arbre's side, then another came, hitting her other side. The large dragon spun around, trying to get a look at her attacker, only for another bolt to hit her in the back of the head.

“What is going on!?” Norden shouted.

Taking advantage of their distraction, Laden scrambled to his feet and ran to the fallen dragon, scooping him from the ground.

“Come on, Moritz. I really need your help right now!” He dodged behind a near by tree, as lightning bolts continued to rain from the sky. “Either we've got another guest or a very convenient lightning storm.”

A snort escaped the dragon, causing the boy to start. “Wait... you're awake!”

Mortiz rolled to his feet and quickly shook out his scales.

“How long have you been pretending?”

A low, grumbling sound came from the dragon's throat as he jumped onto the boy's back and spread his wings. ~*~*~*~*~

Layla stumbled as her feet hit the rooftop, and she honestly didn't know whether to laugh... or faint.

She had a dragon on her back! A dragon that had been only ten inches long, had grown to nearly three feet long! And it could shoot electricity! And they were fighting another dragon! A big dragon!

“I am honestly freaking out a little right now!” She said over her shoulder.

A small clicking noise, that sounded kind of like a laugh, answered her, before Seaiga shot back into the air.

She gave a startled yelp as Laden suddenly appeared before her.

“Who are you?” He demanded.

She opened her mouth to respond, surprised he didn't recognize her, when she realized that, she was wearing a masquerade mask from one of her many costumes, per Seaiga's orders, she had also grabbed an old hoodie and had quickly, and messily braided her hair. In all reality... she probably didn't look like herself.

“Never mind!” Laden interrupted her thoughts. “We'll talk later! Right now, we need to get that thing out of town!”

She nodded in agreement. “Which way?”

He pointed down the road. “This way! If we go, they'll chase! Trust me!”

“I don't have much of a choice now do I?”

“No not really.” He glanced back to where Norden stood, Arbre now on his back. “That dragon was bigger a minute ago, right?”

“Pretty sure.” She jerked back as something large and round shot past. “Was that a coconut!?”

“Come on!”

They turned and shot back through town, Norden and Arbre following close behind.

Dragon Fury - Book 1 

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