I remember everything vividly. In fact, it's one of those moments I'm sure I'll never forget.
I never knew that someone could be so scared yet so... determined at the same time. But I was. I was terrified that I had lost my chance. That I had messed up so badly that he would be seriously harmed because of it... I'd never felt so scared as I did in that moment, when I woke up and realized that, I was home. I was in my own bed. And that the single object of upmost importance... was missing.


“No no no! It has to be here! It has to be!” She yanked open a drawer on her dresser and frantically scooped the items out, not caring that everything was falling to the floor. “Please. Please. Where are you!?” 
“What are you looking for?”
She spun around at the voice to see her mother standing in the doorway, looking over her trashed room. “My watch! Where is my watch!?” She turned back to her desk, shoving more items to the floor in her search.
Her mother continued to watch her scurry around, her confusion only growing. “Ace, what watch?”
“The one I made for the science fair!”
“You entered the science fair?”
“No! Mr. Sinclair signed me up! He gave me the pass...” She stopped as her gaze suddenly landed on the digital clock on her nightstand. And the bright glowing date in the bottom right corner. “Tomorrow. ”
Her mother's confusion quickly turned to concern as Ace scrambled to her feet. “Ace, what are you talking about? Are you okay?”
“Yes! I didn't make it yet!” Ace grabbed her mother's shoulders and laughed. “It didn't start until tomorrow! I still have time!” And with that, she ran out the door, leaving her confused mother staring after her.
Hang on, Dash. I'm coming.


I know you're wondering why I'm panicking over something that, quite frankly, hasn't happened yet. Well, let me take you to the beginning. To where it all started...


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